Test & Tagging

Testing, Repairing & Tagging of Electrical Devices


Test and Tag is a simple way to refer to the procedure undertaken to perform the necessary safety tests to make sure an electrical device is working properly without causing any harm to the user. Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace is extremely important. It is important to have all electrical equipment tested and tagged to help make sure everyone in the workplace is safe when using the devices.

All Test and Tag procedures are conducted in accordance to Australian Standards 3760. The tests carried out on each and every electrical device in the workplace include:

  • a visual inspection
  • a polarity test
  • an insulation resistance test
  • an earth resistance test
  • a current leakage test

Once all tests are carried out it is then determined whether the device has passed or failed.

  • Devices that pass all the tests are tagged.
  • Devices that fail any of the tests are repaired and re-tested, to save the cost of purchasing a new device.
  • Devices that are beyond repair are then recycled, to make sure your workplace keeps environmentally friendly.

The frequency of testing and tagging electrical devices depends on the workplace as outlined in Australian Standards 3760. The “next test date” is always recorded on the tag attached to the electrical device tested for future reference.

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