The wiring system in your home or workplace plays a vital role in carrying the electrical current drawn by your electrical appliances and fittings. There are many different types of cables that have been used over the past century to provide homes and workplaces with power. As technology and research are constantly evolving so are the Australian Standards towards the manufacturing of electrical cables. If your home or workplace was built prior to the 1980s it is important that the wiring system is checked, for the presence of “old wiring” or “old cables” that no longer meet the requirements of Australian Standards due to deterioration. When wiring or cables deteriorate it degrades the integrity. Not only is old degraded wiring dangerous, but physical contact with any old degraded wiring can be fatal. Energy Safe Victoria claim’s that fire brigades respond to more than approximately 300 electrical fires each year throughout Melbourne. Many of which are caused by “old wiring”. There are a number of old wiring systems still in use in and outside of Melbourne. One of the important things to consider when buying or renovating a home or workplace built prior to the 1980s is to keep in mind that the wiring system may need to be rewired. Although the only reason or only time you should be rewiring your home or workplace should be for the reason of deteriorated cable, there have been times when we have inspected homes or workplaces and have come across illegally and poorly wired installations that have required rectification in Melbourne. Proelement specialise in the rewiring of solid brick, brick veneer, and weather board homes or workplaces. For all your rewire needs you need a Melbourne Electrician. For an inspection of your home or workplace call Proelement for a free consultation. Need a Melbourne Electrician? Call Proelement for a free consultation.